The Oracle Hall of Fame

This page lists all the people who found actors and actresses with Bacon numbers of 7 or higher before the Hall of Fame was discontinued in February, 2001.

Please note: The Hall of Fame is no longer taking entries. Congratulations to all the people we've inducted, as well as to future visitors who find high Bacon numbers.

The Hall of Fame:

April, 1996: Stefan Kahrs and David Griffeath finished first and second in the competition to find a person with a Bacon number of 7.

April, 1997: John Klabo and Bill Hollinshead of Microsoft Corporation each found people with Bacon numbers of 7.

April, 1997: Mark Verschell of Florida State University found both people with a Bacon number of 8 (the highest finite Bacon number at the time)! Good job, Mark!

May, 1997: Mose Wingert of Freerange Corporation found a 7 and claims: "My friends will all admire my elite Baconosity". You have earned it, Mose! Congratulations.

May, 1997: Brandon Amancio of Northeastern University School of Law found a 7, but more importantly reports that: "our office stopped doing anything but looking for about an hour while we tried to find someone, anyone with at least a bacon number of 4."

June, 1997: Chris Blackwell from British Columbia found six people who have Bacon numbers of 7. Good work!

July, 1997:

  • Murilo Gun Araújo, Jorge Sotero, and Gaspar Correa
  • Beirne Konarski
  • Danny Holwerda
  • Jeff Haynes and Vilas Sridharan
  • Fred Tunalu
  • Michael Olivero
  • Stephen A. Webb
  • Debbie Eidelman
  • Gord Thibault
  • Ricky Liu

    August, 1997:

  • Kurt Eibell, Barry Hayes, Sherif Gaafar, and Philip McGoff each found people with a Bacon number of 7.

    September, 1997:

  • John Wallin found someone with a Bacon number of 7.
  • Kevin Gair found one person with a Bacon number of 7.
  • Corrie Hubacher, Monica Paggi, and Mary Paggi self-described "college students with too much time on our hands" found a 7.
  • "I know what you are gonna is no surprise to see a Hokie devote so much of their time to such a stupid game. But, at least i didn't create the web page." Touche. Congratulations to Steve Stensland of Virginia Tech.

    October, 1997:

  • Curtis Wright
  • Sarah Frierson
  • Eric Leuliette
  • Nikhil Joshi
  • David Roady

    December, 1997:

  • Dave Grossman
  • Bern Evenden
  • Tom Castelli
  • Sultan Alqassemi
  • Sager Al-Qassimi
  • David Boyd
  • Omar Al Ghussain
  • Maiya Konanur and the ITS Helpdesk at the University of Western Ontario

    January, 1998:

  • Gerry Provost found 24 people with Bacon numbers of 7. Outstanding!
  • Matt Apuzzo of Colby College

    February, 1998:

  • Jon Reeves (of the IMDb)
  • Richard Markwart (of CMU)
  • Mark Verschell (formerly of FSU, and our first repeat "inductee")

    March, 1998:

  • Jamal Rogers
  • Chris McLaren
  • Dave McCarthy
  • David Smith

    April, 1998:

  • J.P. Stewart
  • Josh Smith
  • Alexandre Icaza and Marcelo Mazzini from Brazil
  • Christian Rast who adds, "Hey Al, I promised you that I will make it!"
  • Alec Julien

    May, 1998:

  • James Oliver
  • James T Rae
  • Aben Rudy
  • Ken and Tony Rudy, joining their dad Aben in the hall of fame with a 7.

    August, 1999:

  • Arnold Jonas found an 8.
  • Nancy Dickmann found a 7.

    September, 1999:

  • Amy Friedenthal found two 7s, which she hopes will enable her to "return to a normal life."
  • Victor de Boer in Holland found a 7, after a mere 1.5 hours of searching, and yet he says, "The search continues...."

    October, 1999:

  • Mike Starkweather found an 8, and "can sleep now."
  • Edson Soares from Brazil found a 7.
  • Steve Chrysostom found four 7s and an 8 all at once and is ready to wander dazedly back "towards the real world."
  • Achim Zeileis from Dortmund, Germany found a 7 and is "still on a ... desperate quest for more."

    November, 1999:

  • Robbie McLellan found 5 7s all at once but is "still trying desperately for at least one 8."
  • Myriam Schade and Antje Simon from Berlin, Germany found a 7 as part of a class project. The Oracle of Bacon as homework? What's the world coming to?
  • Sandor Fekete, the professor behind this class project, also found a 7.

    December, 1999:

  • Christian Kreusler, though "long hours of searching and coffee" found an unprecedented 20 7s and both 8s and points out that he doesn't "know any of these actors, but who does?" Well, me neither... Christian is in Dr. Fekete's class, too.
  • Karthik Bala found a 7.
  • Steve Webb rejoins us (he's listed under July, 1997, above) with 7 more 7s. He says he couldn't stay away, and the temptation to find an 8 is strong.
  • John Cearley found 5 7s, which he points out also have Rod Steiger numbers of 7. Steiger numbers of 7 are even rarer than Bacon numbers of 7.
  • Melissa Franke found 7 7s and admits to spending "too much time playing" on the Oracle of Bacon.

    January, 2000:

  • Brad Strickland found an 8 and now intends to "get some work done."
  • Mari Sasano, ours "in idleness," found a seven.
  • Mandy Wiswell found a seven after her sociology professor mentioned the Oracle of Bacon in class. The Oracle of Bacon as classwork still sort of surprises me...

    February, 2000:

  • Kevin Miller found a 7 after two hours of searching, and has asked if there's a Bacon Anonymous he can join. Update: Kevin found three more 7s, for a total of four.
  • Jon Reinsch found a 7.
  • Carlos Sapone found an 8 and "a whole bunch" of sevens, all in one big motherlode.
  • The St. Anslem Hall of Bacon Group -- Ian Pointer, Matt Blake, and Phil Brownridge -- found 58 7s and one of the two 8s. That must set some sort of record. And they're still looking for the other 8.
  • Jim Taylor found a 7.

    March, 2000:

  • Adam Fromm from Lake George, NY found a seven and now departs for "other considerations, like eating and sleeping."
  • Jeremy Anderson from BYU found a 7 and an 8 less than a day after discovering the Oracle.
  • Jayson discovered an actress "obscure enough" to be a 7.

    April, 2000:

  • Chameleon got sixteen 7s and an 8, all in about two hours.
  • Brad Strickland found fourteen 7s.
  • Shannon MacLeod and Geoff Krause found a 7.
  • Mark Nelson found sixteen 7s and an 8, in about one hour.
  • Jon Reinsch found an 8.
  • Eric Yap found sixteens 7s and an 8 and pointed out (correctly) that they were probably the same ones that Chameleon and Mark Nelson found earlier in the month.
  • Tim Hulsey found sixteen 7s, making the fourth person this month to find them.
  • Alexandra Panayi found a 7 and is determined to find "the missing eighth Bacon."
  • Johan Treptow found all fifty-four 7s and both 8s, with more than a bit of help from a computer program he wrote.
  • Robert Jon Brown found five 7s in about an hour.
  • L. H. Jaywald found eight 7s.

    May, 2000:

  • Sean Ringey found four 7s, whom he claims are four of his favorite actors.
  • Raymod Chen found eleven 7s.
  • Paul Landon found five 7s and urges his junior staff to get back to work.
  • David Mitchell found three 7s.
  • Curtis Pryce found a 7.
  • Neil Young found five 7s.

    June, 2000:

  • Stephen T. Parker from New Hampshire found a 7. He says he also found a "slew of 6s and would be ecstatic to locate one of those 8s." Good luck!
  • Trey Byus from Georgia found five 7s in about three hours. ... (A few days later) Trey just wrote again with two more 7s and declared that "the search continues."
  • Casey "yours in absolutely inane pursuits" Thompson found eleven 7s in a single "wasted afternoon."
  • Reed Lowenstein found a 7.
  • Don Satow found a 7, apparently to "get back at a colleague who introduced him to this aggravating game." ... (About 20 minutes later) Don just found an 8 and can "now go to Bacon Heaven."
  • Tom Offringa found an 8.
  • Steve R. Tatham found three 7s.
  • Anthony Langlois found a 7 and asks, "Anybody up to challenge me for a 9?"
  • Kaho Lo found three 7s.
  • Jonathan So found two 7s in about half an hour and now returns to searching.
  • Dawn Kleiman found a 7.
  • Shannon Getz found a 7.
  • Jeff Vorndam found three 7s and an 8.
  • Alex Savulescu, the first Romanian in the Hall of Fame, found three 7s and is now looking for Romanian actors in the Oracle.
  • Dave Bontempo found an 8 and a 7 and waves "Hi, Mom!"
  • Julien Sancton found two 7s while at work. He figures he's not getting paid, so he may as well be looking for high Bacon numbers.

    July, 2000:

  • Madison Francis found three 7s after about thirty minutes of searching.
  • John Lubert found eight 7s while watching Last of the Mohicans. I don't think the 7s he found were in Last of the Mohicans, of course...
  • R. Serena Wakefield found a 7 but declares it "[not] the most honorable of victories (I have no idea who [this actress] is)." It still counts!
  • Carlos Sapone found three 8s before I even put them in the Oracle. This is (arguably) the first preemptive entry into the hall of fame.
  • Mark Rybka found seven 7s, which he dedicates "to those who stood by me when the going got tough..."
  • Julie Agar found ten 7s after her friend Peter defied her to find anything higher than a 5.
  • William Beede found eight 7s.
  • Justin Ward found three 7s, commenting that it's "strange to look for [high Bacon numbers] because no actor or actress anyone has ever actually heard of has a Bacon level above 3." That's what makes the game challenging, Justin!
  • Blair Gibb found a 7, quite by accident, and now wants to find out where he can rent films with that actor.
  • Darrell Schulte found two 7s.

    August, 2000:

  • Jan Besehanic found a 7.
  • Jim Smith, a lawyer on his second day of unemployment, found a 7 and an 8 and is honored to find himself "among the immortals with too much time on their hands."
  • John Heeren found five 7s within about four hours of discovering the Oracle.
  • Anthony Foglia found a 7.
  • Justyn Egert found a 7, exclaiming that "all those long, boring hours at work finally pay off."
  • Suzanne Curtis found a 7 after less than an hour of searching and now awaits her friends "falling to their knees in reverence" or perhaps giving her "a hard time about having no life."
  • David Schuetz found eight 7s. He's still looking for an 8 but is afraid that if he finds one, his co-workers will probably shoot him.
  • Chase Peeler found a 7 and an 8 and to explain his Bacon-playing success says only, "I love the IMDb."
  • Albert Shung found six 7s and thanks the Oracle for further delaying his graduation.
  • Julie Han found a 7 after about 3 hours of "obsessive searching." Her boyfriend thinks she's nuts.
  • Anders Engwall found two 7s.
  • Steve Solomon found four 7s.
  • Igor Schein found two 7s.
  • Rick Limentani found two 7s before they actually showed up in the Oracle, making his the second pre-emptive entry into the Hall of Fame. Accordingly, Rick has become "a hero in [his] own lunchtime."
  • Jorge Marques found two 7s in about an hour.
  • Dylan McGehee found "the elusive 7, now going for an 8."
  • William Gallina found sixteen 7s and three 8s after having been challenged by a friend who thought he couldn't find either a 7 or an 8. I think William wins that bet.
  • Lars Brouwers found five 7s but will not rest until he finds an actor/actress with a Bacon number of 8.
  • Jeff Bjoraker "could not stop until he got an 8." He succeeded -- he found one 8 -- and found thirty 7s on the way.

    September, 2000:

  • Thivagar Velayutham found three 7s and an 8.
  • Marlene Kincaid found an 8.
  • Ben Elgin found eleven 7s over his lunch break.
  • Hansjoerg Lehner found four 7s.
  • Rachel Policar found two 7s.
  • Timothy Law found six 7s and brags, "So, Patrick. Beat you to it!"
  • Steve Coltrin found two 7s. Now he's looking for links to Ayn Rand.
  • Victor Morton found two 7s and an 8.
  • Ignacio Pno Herreros Hódar found two 7s.
  • Declan Kane found a 7.
  • Wilson Pereira from Brazil found two 7s.
  • Alexander Flack found three 7s.
  • Mike Langley found three 7s.

    October, 2000:

  • Lars Joachim Grimstad writes "a lunch break and [an obscure movie] were my fortunate way into the world of Kevin Bacon number 7s." He sent nine of them.
  • Matthew Novacek, Stephen King, and Peter Schatz found a 7 and an 8.
  • John Rørdam found three 7s and joins coworker Lars Grimstad (above) in the Hall of Fame.
  • Johannes Hildén found a 7.
  • Brad Partin, David Lay, Alison Yarbrough, and Jared Wilson found two 7s.
  • Charlie Marshall found nine 7s, an 8, and some people who will probably become 8s when an upcoming film is released.
  • Soren Petersen found "the motherlode" and sent me twenty-eight 7s. Soren is now "taking a break" but will "inevitably return to look for that magic 8."
  • Daniel Tilly found a 7.
  • Alberto Adatto found all the 7s and 8s after writing his own Oracle of Bacon for a homework assignment.
  • Stephanie Repka found five 7s.
  • Ray Waters found two 7s and accuses the Oracle of Bacon of being "evil... a black hole of productivity that draws me to it and keeps me there like an object fixed on the event horizon."
  • Sina Rastin, Ahmad Mohseni, and Natalie Wray found a 7.
  • After being "frustrated for a while," Chris Davis found a 7.
  • Pedro Jiménez and the Careful Siconet Team found a 7.
  • Egil Pay found eleven 7s.
  • Patrick Connolly, who declares himself "Kevin Bacon's greatest fan," wrote to announce his "amazing discovery" -- finding a 7.
  • Minglun found ten 7s.
  • Kathryn Cook found a 7 on her 30th birthday, after being a fan of the Oracle for "over 3 years." She hopes to find an 8 before she turns 40. Happy birthday, Kathryn, and good luck.
  • John McFadden found an 8 "after many hours of lost productivity" and "can now die peacefully."
  • Marc De Preter joins the "hall of wasted time" with two 7s and hopes to "get all of the 8s before retiring."
  • Chad Ziccardi found a 7.
  • Tarun Menon found an 8 after an hour or so of hunting. He says that while the discovery "seems like something great at the time," he's now going to "run down to the corner shop and get a life."
  • Dave Rakowski found a 7 and an 8 after a couple hours of "trying non-stop."
  • Christopher Aillon found a 7 and an 8 and has asked that we move the site so he can't find it and he can break his addiction.
  • Carol Townsend wants 15 seconds of fame for having found an actor who is an 8. She also requested recognition for her husband, "who is a 10 ... very far out there but connected to all humanity somehow."
  • Daniel Rosinsky-Larsson found eleven 7s.
  • Linette, "who just had to keep trying till she found a 7" found five 7s.
  • Mike Castleman found twenty-two 7s and six 8s "after a few hours of wasted time."
  • Tahir Chaudhary found all of the 7s and 8s after writing his own Oracle as part of a homework assignment.

    November, 2000:

  • Jon Davis found a 7 and an 8 and hopes, "Maybe I can do some work now."
  • Chris Fierro found a 7 and an 8.
  • Glyn Davies cursed us for "having such an addictive game" and sent in an 8.
  • Danny Murphy found a 7 and an 8.
  • Jay Santos found two 7s.
  • Sandor Fekete has assigned the Oracle of Bacon as homework again. In doing so, he found six new 7s.
  • Sergio Hernandez found all of the 7s and 8s after writing his own Oracle as part of a homework assignment.
  • Jack Brennen found a 7 and an 8, both "probably more well known in the US now for their Bacon numbers than they ever were for their film work."
  • Cheryl Lightfoot, "after several fruitless and wearisome searches for any names of note" found a 7 and an 8 and "can now get some sleep."
  • Anna and Eva Reinikka found a 7, are looking for an 8, and send the Oracle their "thanks for keeping us awake for several nights."
  • Mikko Viljanen, who considers the Oracle "putting the web to good use," found a 7.
  • Dawn Connelly found a 7 and is happy to have done so before the "at least 50 computer geeks" at her older brother's computer company.
  • Ignacio Pno Herreros Hódar returned with twenty more 7s.
  • Richard Schultz found two 7s and an 8.
  • Marty Nix found two 7s, helping to demonstrate "the interconnectedness of all things."
  • Felicia Kruse spent "a mere two hours" searching and found five 7s.
  • Alex Robinson found all seven of the 8s.
  • Lauri Kahari found two 7s.
  • Sam Alcaine "can't seem to avoid wasting time" and found eleven 7s.
  • Rob Schroer found eleven 7s, "a handful of people whose importance to Bacon filmography has been overlooked." With the completion (and submission) of this list, his "psychic connection to Kevin Bacon's tortued soul is gone." Rob also notes that Kato Kaelin is only a 2.

    December, 2000:

  • Jennifer Smith and Jason Padgett found three 7s while they should have been studying for their law school finals.
  • Jorge Souss, an attorney from Puerto Rico, shattered all previous Bacon records by finding five 7s, four 8s, eleven 9s, one 10, and one 11 -- several days before the Oracle knew about them. Excellent work, Jorge.
  • Jim Mittler found seven 8s and "can now return to some real work." A few days later: Jim returned to add a 10 and an 11 to his total. This time he's "really quitting."
  • Dan Cassidy found a 7.
  • Jens Stark found two 7s.
  • Laura Meade "ignored studying for finals ... in a desperate attempt to get into the Hall of Fame." She succeeded, finding two 7s.
  • Adam Moore and Matt Voit, "in an effort to put off studying for exams," found a 7.
  • Jake Madden found a 7 and says that with his addition to the Hall of Fame, his "merciless addiction [to the Oracle] will stop."
  • Rick and Jean Paik Schoenberg found an 8. Both are teachers and hope their students don't see this.
  • Taggart Gorman found six 7s.
  • Dustin Paul took a break from studying for finals to try his luck at the Oracle and found a 7.
  • Luigi Guarino found a 7.
  • Drew Zuehlke, Derek Schaible, and Matt Kawecki, high school chums home from college during their winter break, found a 7.
  • Mark Schulz found four 7s, "although it really cost [him] some sleep." Mark now returns to his journalism studies.
  • Thomas Esser found all of the 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, and 11s using a computer program he wrote.
  • Norbert Gutscher found a 7 and an 8 and is "still dreaming of a nine."
  • Paco Sellés Julián found a 7.
  • Lisa Lavia Byrd "reached [her] own personal Holy Grail" and found a 7.
  • Brandon Robinson found a 7 and an 8.
  • Paul Wakefield found a 7, an 8, a 9, and a 10.
  • Simone Kiel found an 8 and "can't sleep from now on, because [she believes] there must be a 9 somewhere out there."
  • Roberto Marino found an 8.
  • Erik Kuntz found a 7 and an 8. Erik helpfully points out that he has a Bacon number of infinity.
  • Ken Mills was "messing aroudn on the computer while [he] waited for everyone else in the house to wake up" and found a 7 in about five minutes.
  • W. Sean McLaughlin found a 7 "after countless months of fruitless searches" and says, "at last I can rest."
  • Ashley King, while looking for "the paper on the theory behind the 'six degrees' type of network," found an 11, a 10, four 9s. He also says he found "more 9s, a few 8s, and lots of 7s, but who cares? I found an 11!"
  • Noah Heldman found a 7 in a mere four minutes of searching but "will now spend the next 40 years searching for a 12."
  • Andy Scheck found a 10, eleven 9s, two 8s, and five 7s, all after trying the name of a previous resident of his hometown on a lark.
  • Gregory Davis found five 7s, two 8s, eleven 9s, a 10, and an 11 "by accident ... while debugging code."
  • Dan Gentleman found three 7s and a 9.
  • Mike Jennison found a 9.
  • Steve Christiansen found twenty-nine 7s and seven 8s.
  • Steven Sheffield found a 7.
  • Usman Arain found a 7.
  • Gray and Mike Kanarek, proud to be the final Hall of Fame entry for 2000, found seven 7s, four 8s, all of the 9s, the 10, and the 11 in about an hour using what they describe as "an inspired search technique."

    January, 2001:

  • Jeff Pannell found ten 7s and "can now move on with his life, though he probably won't."
  • Morten Månsson found a 7.
  • Jim Millard was "looking for anything higher than a 3 -- and POW -- managed a nine."
  • Martin Goldstern wrote "a few short perl programs" and found all of the 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s, and 11s.
  • Frank LoCascio found two 7s.
  • Juan Manuel Luengo, Oscar Hernandez, Ruben Fernandez and Sonia Perez, "after hours, days, weeks, ... and a millennium of searching," found a 7.
  • Mark Beckwith found a 9.
  • Anthony Lopez-Ona found three 7s and challenges his buddy Nate to beat that.
  • Martin Morissette found eleven 7s and claims he's seen movies with all of them. Right.
  • Can Mirasoglu found thirty-eight 7s and seven 8s "after 10 days search." He not intends to rest his eyes "for a year I guess."